Taste Spanish Wines at Barcelona´s Best Wine Bars

Quaffing on a locally made glass of tasty plonk is the perfect way to pass the time in Barcelona. The city’s love of laidback terraces, cozy bars, and hidden tapas haunts means there’s a wine bar to explore around every twist and turn – whether you’re on the hunt for a worldwide sampling or simply want to catch up with friends and down a glass or two (or three, or four). The selection is mighty big, so here are some of the better wine bars to check out in Barcelona:

assortment of wines
Spain produces some of the best wines in the world, and Barcelona has plenty of places where you can enjoy them

El Sortidors del Parlament

Decked out in traditional Catalan wine cellar style – you know, barrels masquerading as tables, and vintage wine bottles in favour of paintings and other wall ornaments – El Sortidors del Parlament serves up a fine selection of plonk from all over the world. Alongside rich flavours from South America, Australia, and Europe, there is a must-browse menu filled with local treats like quail egg omelette and cured meats.

Vila Viniteca

Hidden out of sight in trendy El Born, this vibrant bodega boasts both national and international wines. It also just so happens to be one of the largest wine distributors in Europe, so if you’re a keen enthusiast it’s worth a taste or two.


You can find this classy establishment in the trendy Eixample district. Spanish wines are the name of the game, though there are plenty of international delights to get your mouth around, too. Thirty wines from around the world are open every day and put on display for wine tasting along with tapas and cheese. Fun fact: in the bar area you can order your drinks and dinner off an iPad.

Paladar i Mas

Cosy and creative, this boutique wine bar and shop also acts as a tiny restaurant with comfy couches. It welcomes drinkers and diners in with friendly arms, beckoning them to sit back, relax, and tuck into a bottle or two.

Ginger Bar

Combining the authentic charm of a wine bar and the trendy atmosphere of a popular cocktail haunt, the Ginger Bar is a flurry of plush leather seats and rustic wooden tables. To top it all off, there’s a hanging disco ball that watches over your dinner and drinks.

Andu Bar

This dimly lit wine bar is right at home in the historic Gothic Quarter. Nestled down one of the many winding side streets, it’s the perfect backdrop for hanging out with close friends. It’s owned by a Canadian so the service is on point, along with the wine and tapas selections.

La Cave

Home to more than 450 wine varieties spanning pretty much every corner of the globe, La Cave is an elegant addition to the nightlife scene in Barcelona. Wines can easily be paired with the selection of French cheeses and other foodie delights on the menu.

Zona d’Ombra

Serving only Spanish wine, Zona d’Ombra is a fine teacher in the art of pairing local plonk with traditional deli goods like cheese, pates, and charcuterie. There’s often a soundtrack of live acoustic music to offer a laidback way to spend an afternoon.

One thing is certain: Barcelona knows how to do wine, and it knows how to do it well. All you have to do is enjoy the fruits of its labour – not too much hard work, then.