Barcelona Night Card

Barcelona is famed for its vibrant nightlife, and the Barcelona Night Card lets you explore it in full at a discounted price.

Throughout the city there are hundreds of lively bars and clubs that open their doors to revelers until the early hours of the morning. Getting into the groove and joining in the party is one of the best ways to experience the city after dark and learn more about Barcelona’s laidback, nightlife-loving lifestyle.

Essentially, the Barcelona Night Card is a nightlife discount card that gives you free, VIP access to more than 20 of the city’s best clubs before 2am. Popular clubs included on the list are Catwalk, Boulevard, City Hall, Arena Sala, Bikini, BeCool, Atlantic, La Boite, Moog, Duvet, Otto Zutz, and Soho.

Benefits of the Barcelona Night Card

Access to top bars

The card gives you access to more than 20 of the best night clubs in the city. You’ll get to skip the queues and get in for free before 2am, which is when the clubs start filling up for the night.

City map

When you pick up your Barcelona Night Card, you’ll also get a city and metro map that supplies information on the represented clubs, as well as a detailed map showing their locations.

Valid for 7 days

Once you’ve activated your Barcelona Night Card, you can use it as much as you like for 7 consecutive days. This means you can try out a range of different clubs, even hopping to multiple venues in one night.

Saves money and time

With the queue jump benefits, the city map marked with all the major clubs, and the discounted entry prices, the Barcelona Night Card can save you valuable money and time during your trip.

How to get your hands on the Barcelona Night Card

The best way to get a Barcelona Night Card is by buying it online before your trip. When you book, you’ll receive a voucher which you can then trade for a card when you arrive in the city at one of the many tourist offices dotted around. Alternatively, you can buy your card when you land in one of the tourist information centres or at a couple of the clubs that are represented by the card.

Things to Know Before You Buy

Age limit

You have to be over 18 to buy the Barcelona Night Card, and it’s worth checking out the age limits of the clubs you plan to visit, as some have a strict 21-and-overs only policy.

No New Year’s Eve

If you plan on hitting up Barcelona on New Year’s Eve with your Barcelona Night Card, you can think again. The card isn’t valid on this day, so you’ll have to pay full price.

Free before 1am

It’s worth noting that a lot of the clubs that are represented by the Barcelona Night Card are free before 1am, so it’s worth weighing up whether the card is actually worth buying before you purchase it.