Get Creative In A Coworking Space

Barcelona is fast becoming one of the most creative cities in Europe – and maybe even the world – which means thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers set up camp there every year. With the huge influx of creative-minds descending on the city, a number of co-working spaces have popped up to provide a place to work from, make friends, and feel inspired. Here are some of the best in the city.

Makers of Barcelona

Makers of Barcelona/

With two locations (one in Sant Antoni and one near Arc de Triomf), MOB is Barcelona’s biggest coworking space. Both locations are hotspots for entrepreneurs, creative freelancers, and the city’s ever-growing community of digital nomads. MOB is a great place to work, but also home to a real community where people support and help each other and collaborate on all sorts of projects.

Felisa CoWork

Felisa Cowork/

Set in the centre of Barcelona in the upmarket Eixample barrio, Felisa CoWork is a charming space that emphasizes professionalism and developing skills. Workers are encouraged to boost their productivity through coaching, mentoring, and personalized plans, whilst organic fruits and massages show a dedication to health and wellbeing.


ATTA Coworking/

With a backdrop made for those with an eye for design, ATTA provides a collaborative space where workers can research and create amongst other like-minded people. The loft area is filled with desks and, elsewhere, there are workshop spaces and a number of digital manufacturing machines.

Espai Born

Espai Born/

Located in the trendy El Born barrio, Espai is a stylish affair with map-covered walls and vintage bookcases bursting with old scripture and modern-day masterpieces. It encourages professionals to exchange their skills, and is a hub for artists, photographers, graphic designers, and web developers.



The largest co-working space in the city sprawls out over six elegantly designed floors. More than 150 people use the space, where community is nurtured through workshops, open-plan studio spaces, a rustic lounge area, and two terraces, including a panoramic rooftop terrace that boasts stunning views of the city. What’s more, it’s open 24 hours a day, so it’s perfect for creatives who like to burn the midnight oil.


CREC Coworking/

Found in the up-and-coming Poble Sec area, Crec is a spacious co-working hotspot located in a converted warehouse. As well as desk spaces and meeting rooms, there is a therapy room and a photography studio that can be hired out by anyone. Regular courses and monthly activities ensure that workers integrate with like-minded people.


Ricardo Leal/

Tucked in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, Pipoca feels like a home away from home thanks to the cosy décor and fun additions, like the ping pong table, the popcorn maker, and the hammocks for lounging around in or holding an informal meeting on.