10 Barcelona Clubs To Dance The Night Away

Known for its go-getting party attitude, Barcelona’s nightlife is a dusk-til-dawn affair. The first thing you should know is that “night” technically doesn’t start in Barcelona until the early hours of the morning. Everything’s shifted back a notch, so dinner’s eaten later, drinks are drunk later, and bedtime is nearer sunrise than sunset. On a typical night out you can expect to tuck into dinner at about 9 pm before heading for a few drinks at a lively bar. Around 2 am it’s time to head to the club until you flop with exhaustion. Smart-casual is the dress code of the city, so look spic and span but be ready to dance the night away. Here are some of the city’s best offerings:

people dancing in a club
If you’re a night person you’ll definitely enjoy Barcelona


party at razzmatazz club in barcelona
Razzmatazz is a massive concert venue and club, each room features different styles of musicSala Razzmatazz/Salarazzmatazz.com

The king of clubs is a five-room experience, with each segment harking to a different tune. Downstairs, the laidback Razz Club spurts out indie and rock music for the tight-jean wearing crowd, whilst the Loft room plays techno and dance music for those in an upbeat mood.

Sala Apolo

party at apolo club in barcelona
Apolo’s “Nasty Mondays” are hugely popular among Barcelona’s college students and expat community

Set inside a former theatre, this high-end club reflects its former days as an entertainment venue. Its thespian roots are exhibited in the placement of the DJ – centre stage, of course – and its galleries offer a laidback viewing platform from which you can watch all the action unfold. Music is a bit of everything, from pop-rock, to indie and electro.

La Macarena

people dancing at macarena club in barcelona
Macarena is an intimate space that plays eclectic beats Macarena Club/Macarenaclub.com

This sweaty, subterranean bar lurks beneath the silent streets of Barcelona, waiting to jump out on unsuspecting club-lovers. It’s an intimate experience, where the DJ blends in to the melee of people, but the atmosphere is second to none. House, techno and a pumping bassline keep the crowds bopping until dawn.

La Terrrazza

People dancing at La Terrrazza club in barcelona
La Terrrazza is set in a unique location — a replica Spanish courtyard house from the 17th century La Terrrazza/Laterrrazza.com

La Terrrazza is a veteran in Barcelona’s club scene. For over 16 years it’s been hosting hot summer parties in a unique, open-air venue. International DJs scratch tunes for the glamorous clientele, whilst city clubbers go crazy for the commercial house music.

Marula Café

concert at marula café in barcelona
Marula Café is known for its varied lineups featuring artists from diverse genres Marula Café/Marulacafe.com

Found in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, Café Marula is a sleek, minimalist addition to Barcelona’s nightlife scene. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but at night it comes alive in a flurry of jazz, disco, soul, and hip-hop music.

Sidecar Club

people dancing at sidecar club in barcelona
Sidecar is a small underground club known for its wild, adrenaline-boosting parties Sidecar/Sidecar.es

Sidecar Club is tucked away in a corner of the elegant Plaza Reial. Every night it opens its doors to revelers looking for an intimate venue where they can enjoy a range of music hits.


people dancing at moog club in barcelona
Moog is the club to go for true fans of electronic music, featuring artists at the cutting edge of the genre Moog Club/Masimas.com

Decked out in wood and iron, Moog’s sunken dance floor is one of the best-loved in the city, drawing in locals and tourists from all walks of life. Downstairs, electronic beats whip dancers into a frenzy, whilst the pop rooms upstairs boast a fun-loving atmosphere.


people dancing at cdlc club in barcelona
CDLC is also a restaurant and a cocktail bar, so you can dine on sushi and sip fancy drinks as well as dance CDLC/Cdlcbarcelona.com

For elite travellers and the glitzy high society set there’s always CDLC, a beach front club that offers private tables to the well-heeled yachters. The seaside venue gives it a magical feel, whilst the lounge is perfect for rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.