Escape the city streets and head to the Costa Dorada, where one of Europe’s largest theme parks beckons all the family.

PortAventura is a heck of a day out, filled with crazy adventures inspired by old travel tales and cultural stories, as well as numerous adrenalin-pumping rides and entertaining shows.

The park itself is split into five quirky zones that each reflect a different part of the world. If you’re feeling adventurous, head to exotic Polynesia or immerse yourself in tumbleweed and arid desert in the Wild Far West.

For a more historic look at life, check out Imperial China and the Aztec-inspired Mexico zone. Elsewhere, the warm Mediterrania zone reminds you that you are, after all, still in Spain.

Rides at PortAventura

PortAventura is a hotbed of rides, with a little something for everyone. There’s thrilling rollercoasters, laidback water rides, and even the world’s fast accelerator ride (not for the faint-hearted!).

In the Mediterrania zone you can kick back and relax in a space designed to look exactly like a typical Catalonian coastal town.

In the Wild West set, you can watch shoot-outs at noon and explore wooden shacks that instantly propel you back to a time when everyone wore cowboy hats and spur-studded boots.

In China, the largest zone, you can wander the Great Wall of China and ride wild roller-coasters.

For a more laidback theme park experience, hotfoot it to Polynesia, where the park’s most sedate rides can be found – we’re talking log flumes, water-based rides and other forest and river inspired attractions.

For the younger members of the family there’s SesamoAventura to keep them busy. Inspired by the weird and wacky set of Sesame Street, it’s both fun and educational for little ones.

But, if it’s hardcore, knuckle-gripping encounters you want, there’s the Shambhala, Europe’s highest rollercoaster, and Furius Baco, the world’s fast accelerator ride. Phew.

Clearly, PortAventura is diverse. It doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, old or young, and it manages to provide pockets of joy for people of all ages.

Let’s not forget the boat rides, white-water rafting, and simulators, too, which add an adventurous, travel-loving streak to the whole production.

Elsewhere at PortAventura

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to spend the entire day on rides, hands flapping in the air, wind racing through your hair.

When hunger strikes there are a range of restaurants, each of which emanates the cuisine from the region it’s set in. Mexican tacos in the Aztec region, Marco Polo’s Chinese buffet next to the Great Wall of China, you get the picture.

And, if you just feel like sitting down and taking a moment to reflect on all the thrills you’ve had, check out one of the daily performances that take place at PortAventura.

Dancing and acrobatic shows are a firm favourite, and little ones will enjoy the Sesame Street parade.

To remember your fun day out, swing by the souvenir shop on your way out and pick up a little memento. Cuddly toys, keyrings, photographs, and stationary are all fair game.

If you’re looking to escape the city streets of Barcelona and venture somewhere else for a day without actually leaving the delicious climate of the Mediterranean, PortAventura is the perfect place to go.